Placebo Energy

What is Placebo Energy?

Placebo Energy is something that most probably does not work. This energy is emulated by Guru P (Guru Placebo). Guru P spent twenty years to develop Placebo Energy. The result is amazing:

Placebo Energy does not work, does not help, and does not exist! However it is materialized in signs what you can see.

Who is Guru Placebo?

Guru P is the emulator of Placebo Energy. Guru P was inactive for 5 years to prepare for its return and distribute the energy even better.

With his unique technique, Guru P does not send any energy. This way nothing happens if Placebo Energy is with us, because it does not exist. However there is a little chance that something will happen if you believe in it.

How can I access Placebo Energy?

Placebo Energy is implanted to signs by Guru P. You can buy and download these signs. PDF sign is available to print out and place wherever you want. You can download the sign for desktop wallpaper too.

Enjoy the Energy that does not exist and does not help in just 3 easy steps!

1: Buy Placebo Sign now!

2: We send you the sign in PDF.

3: Print out and place wherever you want!

+1: If you want, tell us what happened!

How signs look like?

Signs look good. But the new invention is: Arrows not pointing to the dot. This confuses bad energy and lets Placebo Energy move!

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